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Woody Winder


What the plectrum does for strings

The WoodyWinder does for cables

“A simple but ingenious gadget”

– Lee Anderton – Andertons Music Co


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£4.99 per 3 pack

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This 3-pack of Woody Winders will allow the user to neatly wind up to 30 metres of pro audio or guitar cable in seconds

Anyone who has had to untangle microphone and guitar cables knows that cable mess is an unwelcome, time wasting, demotivating annoyance.

The Woody Winder solves this by providing an easy to use winding solution

Once wound the user simply pulls off as much as is needed, you want a 2 foot cable, you got it, how about a 3 metre cable with the rest neatly wound, you got it


You can keep the Woody Winder on the cable so you never lose them

Never have cable mess again


Designed and manufactured in the UK

Guaranteed for life

No batteries

Never needs feeding

Never needs cleaning

Enjoy tangle free cables forever